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Reality isn't about high-heels and dresses!

by Claire Martinsen on Thu 07th Jul 2011 09:11

I often laugh about the perceptions and realities of my life.  When I meet other folk I am look smart – a dress, some heels…..I can scrub up OK if I try!

But 95% of the time I look very different. Setting up a micro-food-enterprise is about blood, tears and hard work – getting up early, working till your muscles ache and in my case, shifting a lot of boxes around!  The boxes weigh 6.6kg, and I generally shift 2 of them at a time.  That’s over 13kg, which most people in the gym would feel proud to lift ….let alone for long stretches at a time!  And you don’t do that in high-heels!

I have been abusing my poor big toe over the past few weeks, and have dropped a couple of rolls of pallet wrap on it.  The bruising has subsided, and now the toe nail has decided to give up the ghost and fall off.  Call it an industrial accident………..but I think of it as a reminder that businesses work by hard work, not by thinking of abstract concepts to bring to market!

I’ve worked really hard these first couple of years at setting up Breckland Orchard – the team is expanding [slowly] and maybe I won’t have to shift quite so many boxes and bottles in the future. ……maybe my big toe will thank me for it [I hope so].

So I don’t always wear high heels and dresses [honest!]


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Mark Barton
Thu 07th Jul 2011 15:09
Sounds like you need a good old fashioned pair of steel toe capped work boots. There must be someone in Norwich that sells them.

Thu 07th Jul 2011 15:33
and you DO scrub up well!! LOL

Claire Martinsen
Fri 08th Jul 2011 08:27
Agree! x

Angie Giles
Fri 15th Jul 2011 10:51
steel toe capped stilettos, now there's an idea. Hope your toe is healing.

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