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Sportsday - balancing a business and being a mum

by Claire Martinsen on Mon 18th Jul 2011 07:21

This week was sportsday at my son’s school.  He’s just in reception, so it wasn’t the Olympics……obstacle race, relay, balancing of a beanbag on the head etc….all things that require real focus and precision when you are five years old(!!)  He loved it, and his competitive streak was coming out [must have some of my genes in there].  He was briming with pride and it was really a magical sight to see him.

If I’d still been in my corporate job, then of course I would have tried to be there, but no doubt I would have had a last minute catastrophe, an internal meeting that couldn’t be postphoned, an urgent client meeting.  I am sure there are thousands of mums and dads out there that work for big companies, tried their best, but just couldn’t make it.

I work really hard on Breckland Orchard, but some of the joys of being a micro-entrepreneur must be being able to take time out to be at events like Sportsday.  I just re-jiggled the day, started a little later and of course I was there to cheer him on from the sidelines.

Its tiny moments like these that really bring home the sheer joy of running your own business!


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Tessa Stuart
Tue 19th Jul 2011 07:13
Claire, you are so right - nothing beats the flexibility of running your own show, when you can be there at these special moments. Because they don't come again.

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