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Chilli Fiesta at Felbrigg Hall

by Claire Martinsen on Thu 04th Aug 2011 09:26

Just back from Felbrigg Hall’s annual Chilli Festival…….a really lovely day for everyone!  A fabulous location on the North Norfolk Coast, an amazing array of food producers, lots of visitors and just oodles of passion from standholders and visitors alike.  There were over 50 stands and although a couple had travelled from a long way, the majority were from Norfolk/Suffolk/Cambridgeshire – a real emphasis on food produced in the local area.

We were there with Ginger Beer with Chilli [of course] but also the rest of the range………..all cold and perfect for cooling down!  Cloudy Lemonade was a real hit with mouths with a bout of chilli burn!

Last year’s event was pretty rainy, but this year the gods smiled on us, and the sun shone the whole day long.  It was just glorious!

There was every kind of chilli produce available – chilli brownies, chilli beer, chilli sausages, chilli pork pies, chilli cakes, chilli sauces [of all heats and persuasions], chilli fudge, smoked chillis etc etc! The list was endless!

The chillis were Hot-Hot-Hot, the weather was Hot-Hot-Hot and the atmosphere was Hot-Hot-Hot….what else could one want!



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Karen Nethercott
Thu 04th Aug 2011 17:49
It was a lovely day for us too, Jeff is enjoying his Dandelion & Burdock as I type. Thanks everso for bringing it. He's going to order a palletload next time he says. x

Eileen n Phil
Fri 05th Aug 2011 02:14
Fantastic day! Drank Claire's posh pop all the way home (through the thunder storm!) Delicious! Met so many lovely people and can now put faces to so many people talked to on line before! Cheers!

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