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Breckland Orchard Ginger Beer with Chilli goes for Gold...but what do you do with your Ginger Beer?

by Claire Martinsen on Mon 27th Jul 2009 12:07

gold taste awardWe are literally cock-a-hoop here that our Ginger Beer with Chilli has been awarded a Gold at the 2009 Great Taste Awards!  The Great Taste Awards are organised by the Guild of Fine Foods and its where c5,000 products are blind taste tested by a panel of 3 tasters.  Independently assessed against the criteria of origin, quality and excellence, it was deemed to be one of the best soft drinks available.

As I have rapidly learnt Ginger Beer is the Marmite of drinks – people either love it or hate it.  Few people, if any are merely ambivilent.  And that makes concocting the perfect Ginger Beer really nerve-racking! We use chilli to make our Ginger Beer have a lovely warmth to it …it won’t blow your head off but it will leave you with a gorgeous tingle at the back of the throat.

Ginger Beer w ChilliSince launching in March I’ve had so many great comments back about Ginger Beer with Chilli, and it’s definitely one that gets everyone talking!  I’ve loved meeting all fellow ‘die-hard’ Ginger Beer fans.  For the die-hards once they see it on a cafe/bar menu its the only soft drink that they are going to have!  So we are feeling very very happy that the tasting panels of the 2009 Great Taste Awards thought that ours was so fab! Must have been the chilli heat, the spring water and our special mix of spices that clinched it.

In fact since founding Breckland Orchard in the spring and doing some research on the range and ingredients, I’ve become a bit of a Ginger Beer ‘geek’. Ginger Beer was first produced in the 1700’s and soon became very popular throughout the world, but it has always had a special following in Britain and North America. It reached a peak of popularity in the 1900’s, when it was an alcoholic drink, but nowadays it is mostly a soft drink.  I’ve  found lots and lots of different ways of using/drinking Ginger Beer – from Shandies [Beer and Ginger Beer] to Cocktails to Marinades.  Big question is….how do you use yours? Don’t be shy – share it!


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Mon 27th Jul 2009 12:51
We like to turn it into a 'Rock Shandy' by adding equal quantity of the lemonade a dash of lime and a few drops of Bitters. Or after hours with a glug of Vodka and a wedge of lime for a brilliant Moscow Mule!

Neil Smith
Mon 27th Jul 2009 12:52
ohh all sounds very yummy indeed the idea of Ginger Beer again. In my younger days it was consumed along with Shandy as our first naive steps to the world of alcohol. More recently a Ginger Beer with Whiskey always goes down well and my thoughts are to try it with a jack Daniels? I am looking forward to sampling the famous Breckland Orchard version in the next few days.

Clare Driver
Mon 22nd Feb 2010 05:23
Clare - hello - I was also nominated this year for the Cambridge Business Excellence Awards. It was such an honour but I was not suprised to hear I had not made the final when I saw who else had been nominated. Just wanted to say you have my vote and I wish you all the luck - you deserve it! Gorgeous product and business. If you would like to do a mutual link with my website I am very happy to endorse your gorgeous products. Best of Luck. Clare

Wed 24th Feb 2010 14:04
Hi Clare - thank you so much for your kind comments - much appreciated. Had to do the presentation today and it was very nerve wracking! Yeak. Hope to see you soon and all the best to you too! Claire

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