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Beyond 2010 Training

by Claire Martinsen on Thu 15th Dec 2011 03:35

Another of my misconceptions before I started my own business was that I’d be ‘on my own’ and learning on the hoof.  I thought somehow that training was the domain of big companies not small micro-enterprises!

I was lucky to spend 13 years at Mars, who have an unrivalled reputation for great training.  Training and continuing development was just par for the course at Mars, and everyone had a tailored development plan which they talked through with their line manager to help them grow and learn.  We were supported by just the best training department that you could wish for – some very talented individuals who made every training session lively and engaging.

So has training stopped at Breckland Orchard?  No at all!

I’ve been lucky enough to be able to access the Beyond 2010 Grant scheme, which has enabled me to invest in further training.  Its been wonderful at allowing me and my team to develop our skills, learn new things that will help to further develop Breckland Orchard and help us gear up for the future.

Lynn and John at Food East helped me to navigate and find the best training providers – they were absolutely wonderful and my very big thanks to them both.

So that’s it – we are a team full of skills and looking forward to the future with passion and gusto!



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