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Happy 2012 Everyone!

by Claire Martinsen on Sun 01st Jan 2012 03:57

Just to wish everyone a very Happy New Year!  I hope that 2012 will be a great year for each and everyone.

I know that the newspapers are full of doom and gloom about the recession, but there seems to much to look forward to – the Olympics and the Queens Golden Jubilee for two – so the UK will be full of party cheer in some form or another. And hey you never know we may be in for one of those long balmy summers that the weathermen keep promising us [here’s hoping!]

At Breckland Orchard we are nearly 3 years old [gosh doesn’t time go by fast!] and hopefully we are proof that despite the gloom and doom it really is possible to start a business in a recession. I am just SO excited about the year ahead.  Lots of new ideas on lots of fronts – and oodles of passion and enthusiasm to see them through.  I’ll keep you posted through the Blog and the website, so see how we get on here.  I feel sure it will be a big year for Posh Pop!

Happy New Year greetings to one and all



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