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Virginia here I come!

by Claire Martinsen on Tue 10th Jan 2012 03:13

I’m ridiculously excited about heading stateside in a months time for the 27th NAFDMA Conference being held in Virginia!  NAFDMA = Networking Association for Farm Direct Marketing and Agritourism.  It’s the equivalent of a Farm Shop convention and is taking place over six days from the 11th to 16th of February.

It starts with a three day bus tour [there are several buses each with a different theme and visiting different outlets and venues].  I’m booked on the tour focussing on food and retail with the motto of ‘little things can make a big difference’.

Then back to Williamsburg for a three day conference – one education day, one participation day, and one innovation day.  All in all it looks pretty packed and full on…..my head could be bulging by the end of it!

The trip has been organised by Taste of Anglia, with backing from Landskills East, so it really is a once in a lifetime opportunity to learn some new skills and insights.  I went to the US on conferences in my previous life [I headed up the Wal*Mart business unit] – but now being a micro-business on my limited budget such a trip would ordinarily be a complete no-go.  I cannot possibly thank Landskills enough for giving my small business the same opportunities as the big boys in the industry have. I look at it as a golden chance to gain knowledge and learn new marketing techniques – and intend to learn as much as I possibly can!

All in all – can’t wait! Virginia here I come………..



PS The only one downer is that the NAFDMA takes place in half-term, so I am having to put in place very detailed plans for the mini’s whilst I am away!  A mothers work is never done….they will be well looked after……..x

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