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Best 99p Marketing investment EVER!

by Claire Martinsen on Tue 27th Mar 2012 03:52


My best marketing investment ever in terms of Return on Investment [ROI]?  There is only one answer!

My 99p Topps Tile which I used at Food shows to try out my new strapline of ‘Posh Pop’ before I committed more spend and resource to it.  Armed with my trusty tile and a piece of chalk I scribbled away and saw how customer reacted to my idea!  I really liked the tagline ‘Posh Pop’, but wasn’t sure how it would go down with everyone else.

But they loved it……..and the 99p investment led to me registering ‘Posh Pop’ as a Trademark with the Intellectual Property Office, and then to branding my bottles [and bottle tops] with the new strapline.

If  you need a quick [and very cheap] means of getting feedback you really can’t beat a Topps Tile!

And after all that scribbling with chalk – this is what the final result looks like!   Worth a £1 of marketing investment at the outset for sure!

PS The Topps tile is now part of the Marketing toolkit here at at Breckland Orchard…here it is in another re-incarnation [a little battered around the edges, which I think is just part of its character!]

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