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An early love of Marketing..................

by Claire Martinsen on Thu 19th Jan 2012 03:10

My interest in Marketing was piqued by an article in the Sunday Times Magazine back in 1985 – it was a series about careers and one of the roles it talked about was Marketing.  At that time it was an almost unknown ‘art’ and I guess that’s what drew my attention to the article [I’ve always been attracted to new, interesting and different things].  I was interested enough to write to the Institute of Marketing and get some further information.

And I was still sufficiently interested when it came to applying to University in 1986/87.  To show just how long ago it was, at that time there were only 3 universities that offered Marketing degrees.  Namely Stirling, Lancaster and Strathclyde – all of which were a long way away from my childhood home in the Wye Valley, South Wales.  Being very methodical I visited all three universities – there was no doubt in my mind…..I fell in love with everything that Strathclyde offered!

And it was there that I studied for four years for a BA in Marketing with German.  Strathclyde is very much a ‘new’ university, slap bang in the centre of Glasgow – modern, stark buildings and none of the romance and glamour of Glasgow University in the West End – but heck I adored every single minute!

In retrospect I was quite brave travelling so far away from home in the Wye Valley to study a subject that I barely knew anything about.  The risk paid off and I really enjoyed the subject – so much so that it barely seemed like work at all.  I studied Advertising communications, export marketing, sales management, core marketing modules etc etc and lapped them all up. It was such an interesting subject for which I had a near photographic memory and ended up graduating with a First.

For me Marketing is all about curiousity – curiousity about brands, about how people see things, about what makes things different, about who buys things, why they buy, where they buy how things look and are perceived.  As I said above I’ve always been attracted to new things – in Marketing parlance that is an ‘early adopter’ – if there is a new washing powder out on the market then I will be buying it – just to try it out!

And I guess a background in Marketing has been a good asset when starting Breckland Orchard – but its just part of the way I think, and part of my natural curiousity!

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