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Such sad news about Northcote........

by Claire Martinsen on Thu 12th Jan 2012 03:36

Read some sad news this week that Northcote Brewery are closing their doors and will no longer be making their stunning beers.  Jenni and Adam have taken the hard decision to go back to the ‘9-5’.   The EDP reported the decision on Monday.

Their Facebook page has been inundated with messages of support, and sadness at hearing the news.  I guess everyone like me was a bit shaken to hear the news.  They’ve promised to write a blog piece explaining their decision..but no doubt it was not an easy decision to come to.

Why do I feel so sad?  Not just that I saw Jenni and Adam at various events [eg Norfolk Diet, Norfolk Show etc], not just that they were a Norfolk producer of great beer, but  that it’s also a painful reminder that building a new food and drink business is not easy.  No matter how much passion, energy and dedication that you put into it, sometimes things just don’t work out.

People who work in paid employment probably look with envy at folk who give up that safety net to follow their passion and start a food and drink business.  It’s not easy starting a business – it consumes your life, takes guts and energy and gives you the most amazing highs and lows.  Northcote didn’t make it……but better that Jenni and Adam gave it their best shot, than stay in paid jobs and think ‘if only’……….Good on the pair of them! Best of luck to them both in whatever they decide to do next.

xx Claire


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