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January = Form Filling in Month

by Claire Martinsen on Tue 24th Jan 2012 15:51

Colder days in January, and lots of folk are sipping tea and coffee in these kind of temperatures….but there’s no real let up at Breckland Orchard HQ.  January is the month where we apply to lots of shows, festivals and Trade events.  We’re busy filling up the diary, and there’s barely a weekend free [already!].

There are a mountain of forms to be filled in, catalogue entries to write and risk assessment/health and safety forms to be completed.  It takes a long time…………so Chloe and I have got our best writing hands out!

We adore going to shows, and meeting everyone.  It never ever fails to make me burst with pride to hear everyone’s lovely comments and feedback.  They start in ernest come April and go through to October, so we can’t wait!

We’re also busy getting some new product ideas ready for launch…………we’ve set some pretty ambitious targets in terms of launch, so wish us luck!  The NPD gives our writing hands a bit of rest [hee hee!]

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