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Why actors, musicians and entrepreneurs all belong in the same bunch....

by Claire Martinsen on Tue 31st Jan 2012 03:15

I heard the lovely Celia Imrie being interviewed a few days ago – she was counting her blessings about being an actor.  She said how lucky she felt to be doing a job she loved, to be following her dreams.  She also talked about never having a ‘monday morning moment’ of fearing going to work.  In that respect she said how lucky actors and musicians were to be doing something that they adored everyday – even despite the ‘gypsy lifestyle’ of an actor, not knowing where the next job was coming from.

I’ve never considered myself even the slightest theatrical [I was a petrified Mary aged 4 in the Nativity Play], but it struck me that entrepreneurs may have more than a passing resemblance to actors and musicians.  Most entrepreneurs have eschewed the obvious and safe route, and instead followed their dreams.  It’s similarly hard to imagine having a ‘monday morning’ feeling as an entrepreneur.

In the same way,  I would say that being an entrepreneur is a bit like living a ‘gypsy lifestyle’ – there’s no safe salary coming in, no boss giving you guidance, feedback and support!

But being an entreprenur has to be better than being an actor in  that you can shape your own destiny – no waiting for casting directors, call backs or film funding to allow that job to start. It’s a real case of effort in equals effort out.  I  feel absolutely in control of my own destiny and whilst that feels ever so slightly scary, it also feels more than a little exciting!

Don’t believe anyone who says that can you can be a successful entrepreneur on day one – much like being an actor, it’s about treading the boards, crafting your skills and maybe one day rising to the top as a household name [fingers crossed].

Is this entrepreneur glad she followed her dream and is doing something she loves everyday? Too right x

Thanks Celia for reminding me just how lucky I am.


xx Claire

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Jane Richards
Tue 31st Jan 2012 17:39
I really could not have put it better myself. Great blog Claire!

Claire Martinsen
Tue 31st Jan 2012 17:44
Well said that woman who really is taking control and having a ball - hope your new shop is a blazing success Jane....you deserve it xx Claire

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