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Sometimes having an attitude is good..........

by Claire Martinsen on Thu 22nd Mar 2012 03:30

I love listening to Podcasts of Radio 4’s Bottom Line when I get a minute.  There’s some great little pithy videos on the BBC site called ‘Watch my Bottom line’, where the guests record a minute’s worth of business advice, which I love!  Its a little goldmine of great business learnings – go check it out!

One of my favourites is from Norbert Teufelberger, CEO of BWIN …..no I’d never heard of him before either, guess that’s because I’m not a user of online gambling sites!  He recommends hiring people in the business for attitude rather than skills.  He advocates needing a great working environment and that even if the ‘blueprint’ [you can tell he’s German/Austrian] says to hire skills, go for attitude everytime.

I completely agree with Norbert – you can spend money to train skills, it’s impossible to train great attitude.  The bedrock of a great SME is having a team of people with great attitude…don’t be scared and go for skills!




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Ann Hawkins
Thu 22nd Mar 2012 14:04
Oh, so right Claire! Getting people with the *right* attitude makes such a difference to a business. I've just been blogging about Mary Portas' new TV show "Mary's Bottom Line" where, out of 400 applicants she chooses a girl with a really poor attitude - but that's a TV show and nothing to do with real live business!

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