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Slowly learning the rules of print and photography!

by Claire Martinsen on Thu 29th Mar 2012 03:39

Breckland Orchard at launch March 2009

I’ve just finished my third year of business [really can’t believe its been that long, its flown by!] and I must say I am only just learning the rules of print and photography.  That has to be  ‘little and often’.

Summer 2009..........with better weather and brighter skies!

Take photography – I can have some brilliant product shots taken, but a few months later the photo will be out of date.  There’ll be some additions to the range, some changes, and the beautiful shot taken a fews week back is now no longer right! You can have the single product shots taken, which can then be swapped around, but I prefer group shots myself [I don’t like the thought of a poor bottle on its lonesome!].

Summer 2010 line up - new Pear&Elderflower and Strawberry&Rhubarb

Photography styles can also change – It’s taken a few rounds and plays around to get to a style that I like.  But who knows – I’ll probably keep evolving things and that will mean more changes!

Spring 2011 - Launch of Sloe Lemonade

Its the same with print………you can have something lovely printed, and it will be out of date in no time.  Little changes – like the fact that as the business has grown we now have a landline number, or that our email address has changed to poshpop@brecklandorchard.co.uk.  And just like the photography the range changes, different photography on the print is required etc etc.

Summer 2011 - Dandelion & Burdock in the range too!

As I’ve gone along I’ve also been better at honing and refining the information that I put onto my printed leaflets etc – I know my customers better, I know what they want to know – and I can put that information onto my printed matter.

When I had my first printed leaflets done I loved them, I printed a couple of thousand and thought they would last forever.  Three months down the line they looked hideously outmoded, didn’t really convey the right message and reflected nothing of the Breckland Orchard identity as it now is.  All that and I had a background in  Marketing and Sales! Yeak!

So I guess what I have learned is that leaflets and photography have to be updated often – its just part of doing business, and throwing away old leaflets, sad as it may be is absolutely neccessary.

Print/photography is an ongoing process of renewal and evolution.  Don’t think anything is laid down in concerete and to really grow the business you need to accept that you’ll be updating them constantly.  Don’t be afraid to have a bonfire………..hanging on to old print and old photography of your business might just hold you back x







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