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Ham Shop USA-Style

by Claire Martinsen on Fri 02nd Mar 2012 03:22

If you are going to open a ‘Ham’ shop then you really need to go for it eh?  If ever there was a shop which delivers what it promises on the outside then it’s the Ham Shop in Williamsburg.

Its a really lovely fine food shop – full of ubiquitous hams [of course], speciality preserves and condiments, thick handmade sandwiches, speciality drinks etc.

There were also some non-food items – themed around ‘Ham’ – so think pig blackboards, pig kitchenware.

But the layers that made it really really come alive were the unusual products such as the Bacon Lipsave and Baconnaise.

It could have been a bit ‘tacky’ [maybe even a little hammy] but it was anything but.  At the heart of the Ham Shop were some great products, great layout…………and the additional theatre of the pig/bacon related products just lifted it to an extra-special dimension.

As Ham shops go – it was a great great example. It showed total commitment to the ‘theme’ and the promise.


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