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Breckland Orchard is Three! Yipeeeee

by Claire Martinsen on Mon 12th Mar 2012 12:35

Last Friday was the third anniversary of having launched Breckland Orchard – yipeeee!

My feelings change – on one hand it doesn’t feel brand-new, but at the same time three years in the life of a new brand and a new business is nothing at all!  I am loving the challenges and the pure enjoyment that comes from running your own business.

I had 17 years working in corporate life before I started my own venture.  Hand on heart I always believed I would be a corporate girl till the end, but it was the arrival of my two little ones that made me realise that it was impossible to do it all.  I admire everyone in corporate life who can combine a career with being a good parent – its hard…..very very hard.

For me it was the right choice to start my own business, but it was also more than a little scary.  I had no experience of running my own business……………and looking back I have no idea where I got the courage to resign my nice safe job [that I loved] and go it alone.  There was just an inner belief and a steely determination that kicked in and kind of took over my usually safe mindset.  One minute I was a corporate bunny the next I was a food entrepreneur……..and thankfully I’ve never one looked back nor regretted starting out.

The result 3 years later is that Breckland Orchard is up and running – and given that a large percentage of new businesses fail within the first three years it feels like a good milestone to have reached.

I launched at Feast East in March 2009, and it was fitting to go back to Feast East last week complete with balloons and  a cake which we shared with customers and fans.

For everyone who’s supported and cheered my along the way over the past three years – Thank you x





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Joanne O'Toole
Fri 20th Apr 2012 12:14
Congratulations Claire, what an amazing milestone, well done. You are an inspiration to all us working mums that know we need to find a way to try and do it all but also do it better. I look forward to hearing more of Breckland Orchard in the future. take care and congrats again. Jo x

Claire Martinsen
Fri 20th Apr 2012 12:09
Oh my gosh - you are too kind. I'm not sure I feel inspirational.......but thank you xx Claire

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