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When a change of policy is a good thing..........

by Claire Martinsen on Tue 17th Apr 2012 06:05

I love running a small business, after having worked in the corporate world for many years, it feels really refreshing. Three years in it continues to thrill [sad but true!].  No office politics, no diary full of internal meetings and a real ability to be quick, nimble and do the right thing.  And that’s good for customers, as we are able to concentrate on the things that matter – making great tasting drinks.

A few weeks ago I was chatting to some friends – Dawn and Adam, both of whom work in small family owned enterprises.  In Dawn’s company all staff have their birthday off.  Adam had thought it such a good idea he persuaded his company to do the same.  And they were both right – its a fabulous idea.  Birthdays are special, no matter how old you are, and they should be a little bit different to a normal working day.

So that’s the policy now too at Breckland Orchard – birthdays free to enjoy how you wish!  And it was a very quick thing to change – no red tape, no having to harmonise terms across sites, to do massive consultations etc.  It feels the right thing to do, it is the right thing to do.

And the first person to benefit from the new ‘birthday’ holiday is Chloe, whose birthday it is today.  Happy Birthday Chloe x


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Tracy Millar
Tue 17th Apr 2012 06:08
Wow, we share a birthday Chloe ... hope you are having a lovely day :-) Sadly no such policy where I work, so I am enjoying working hard in the office (celebrated my birthday on Sunday with family and am out at the weekend with friends), but still having a nice day!! At least I get to spread my birthday over a number of days to make up for working today. Love Tracy xx

Tracy Millar
Wed 18th Apr 2012 05:27
Excellent idea ... very motivating for staff (keeps them engaged and feeling appreciated by employer)and quite a small 'give' for the employer! My employer has just started a 'birthday club' where once a month the MD goes to lunch with everyone who has a birthday that month. The aim is for us to feel connected to the business at all levels, share ideas/thoughts and engaged (1 team). Happy Birthday Chloe ... all the best people are born on 17th April (yep, including me :-) ) xx

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