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What's Pinteresting me?

by Claire Martinsen on Fri 20th Apr 2012 03:27

I’m female, I love social media so of course I’m loving the new kid on the social media block – Pinterest!

I really found out about it in the US on the NAFDMA visit – on our three day bus tour it was mentioned by the females daily/hourly.  Little snippets of conversation like ‘I’ll have to follow your boards’ or ‘I’ll pin that on my board’.  My interest was piqued… what on earth were they talking about?

When I came back to the UK I had to find out more!  And now I have my very own ‘boards’ where I am pinning and collecting ideas and inspiration.  I’ve only really started but its amazingly addictive and just brilliant. I’m hooked….

Its usefulness really hit home this week when my best friend had her birthday.   The dilemma of what to buy her was very simple via Pinterest.  I went to her board entitled ‘Wishing for…..’ and was able to buy some gifts that I knew she liked, whilst [hopefully] also surprising her.

At the moment I’m just a personal user of Pinterest, but already there is talk on various forums about how it can be used for business.  It is currently very heavily skewed towards female users – and if I were to place a wager then its probably likely to remain a very female based social media tool.  I can see it being a very powerful tool going forward for certain sectors such as interior design.  Will it become a social media tool for micro food and drink businesses like Breckland Orchard? Hmm it will be interesting to see. I’m fascinated to see how it evolves………

There are some really interesting facts in this post by Cloudtactix.  Facts like Pinterest gets more monthly usage per user than Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn combined and that Pinterest became the fastest standalone website to eclipse the 10 million per month mark ever.

Here’s some other articles which make for good reading by Enterprise Nation and Firebelly Marketing.

It will be really interesting to see how it evolves as a Social Media tool – in the meantime I’ll keep pinning on my own little boards! Pinning and loving it x



PS – I’ve had a request for the link to my boards…if you want to see them then click here – Enjoy xx




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Fri 20th Apr 2012 17:07
GOTTA love Pinterest! What else would I be doing at 2am????????? lol

Sat 21st Apr 2012 04:17
But where's your link button?

Claire Martinsen
Sat 21st Apr 2012 15:59
Hi Anne......The link is http://pinterest.com/clairemartinsen/ to see my boards! xx

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