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Rain, Rain...Go Away............

by Claire Martinsen on Sat 28th Apr 2012 05:41

OK….so I know it’s good for gardeners and it’s great for farmers……..but is anyone else just a teeny-tiny fed up of all this rain? We’ve had such a dry couple of months that I’ve gotten out of the habit of expecting just so much rain…for days on end!

I’m probably a little selfish in wishing the rain would abate too – soft drinks are a very seasonal business, and sales are definitely linked to how warm it is.  In this rainy weather, with low temperatures, then I suspect everyone will be rushing for tea and coffee to warm up!

I know most businesses are seasonal.  When I worked in the sock industry we had two peaks – a very large one at Christmas [gifts for men] and another around Wimbledon [when everyone rushed out to buy white sports socks].  In the chocolate industry there are peaks around Christmas, Halloween, Easter and a dip in January [when everyone diets, or eats the leftovers from Christmas]. I was talking to a Dad at the schoolgate the other day who worked in the travel industry – April is their quiet time, with January/February being their peak time.

Perhaps the least seasonal business I’ve worked in is the petfood sector, where there is very little seasonality.  Labradors eat pretty consistently – they have very little regard for the time of year.  The only slight seasonal peak was August, when there is an increase in kittens born – and corresponding increase in kitten food/kitten milk.

April is the start of the soft drinks season…….so please please rain go away.  We’re dreaming of summer skies and nice balmy days here.






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