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Suffolk Show 2012....beaten by the weather

by Claire Martinsen on Fri 08th Jun 2012 12:49

For the past two days I’ve been at the Suffolk Show.  Located on the Trinity Park site, its a real highlight of the local food event calendar – 90,000 visitors, lots of see and do and a vibrant food hall.  Its also a very traditional agricultural show, and the Suffolk Punch horses are shown in a ring next to the Food Hall – its really quite a sight.

This year was my third year at the show – the past two have been gloriously hot, so I guess the odds were on it not holding for a third year.

The weather on Day one, was pretty awful………….it threatened to rain all morning, and by early afternoon the heavens had opened and it was very very wet.

Day two was forecast to be windy, very windy.  We were at the showground for 7am, set up the stand and were all ready to go by 7.30am.  It was only then that we got the bad news from the stewards that the whole show was being cancelled due to health and safety reasons.  It was probably the best call – thousands of people walking around a showground with very high winds and a risk of things falling and injuring people wasn’t probably worth taking……….too high a probability of something very dangerous happening.  The Suffolk Show wasn’t the only one to be effected by the dire weather.

I’ve never been at an event that’s been cancelled – and it was quite an eerie feeling.  Noone in the Food Hall was quite believing that it was true!  Many of the stands at the Suffolk Show have homewares, clothing, accessories and farming machinery – all of these can be taken home and resold at another time.  For many of the exhibitors in the Food Hall hours of work had gone into producing the products, and with very short shelf lives on them it just isn’t possible to bag them up and take them back to HQ to be sold another day.

Just to give you two very close examples: Our neighbour on the left hand side was Yum Yum Tree Fudge – Adrian and Lily had been up until 11pm the night before making fudge, our neighbour on the right hand side was Kirby with her amazing Chocolate Brownies   – the show was Kirby’s very first time at a show and she had been up baking long and hard to get ready for the show.

So all in all very sad way to end…..lets hope the sun shines hard and long at the Suffolk Show next year!



PS Just seen this update from Paddy and ScottCoffee

Well what can you say….in its 181 year history its the first time The Suffolk Show has been cancelled due to the weather!!! – Our problem was getting rid of over 400 pints of fresh milk! (that’s what we went through yesterday!) So Scott and the team went on a mission to donate the milk to various good causes in and around Suffolk! The St Johns Ambulance Team and Headway Ipswich & East Suffolk Charity Rehab Centre received over 100 pints! We’re on a mission of free milk 😉

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