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Dave Fishwick.....Entrepreneur Superhero

by Claire Martinsen on Mon 16th Jul 2012 16:52

If you really want to know what being an entrepreneur is like, then there was no better lesson than the first episode of ‘Bank of Dave’ on Channel 4 last week.

Dave Fishwick, Burnley business owner decided to take on the Banks and set up his own ‘bank’ to help and support the folk of Burnley.

I am sure there were lots of people watching the screen shouting –  ‘just give up, its never going to happen’ as he went to meet lots of London city ‘experts’ who told him he wasn’t going to be able to set up a bank.  The FSA rules are just so overwhelming and the amount of financing he was looking at needing was upwards of £50m. But Dave Fishwick is made of stronger stuff and battle on he did….and the results are plain to see in the resulting TV programme.

And that’s what really makes an entrepreneur…someone who has a crazy dream, and no matter how many people tell you it can’t and won’t be done you persist relentlessly.  Watching the programme you can see how a dream combined with unfaltering faith and masses of energy means that you can achieve whatever you want.

Dave Fishwick – you embody a true entrepreneur and should be saluted.

Would-be entrepreneurs………..watch and learn!  If you haven’t seen it catch it on C4 OD now!


xx Claire

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