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Roll on Summer 2009

by Claire Martinsen on Fri 12th Jun 2009 15:27

iStock_000005724729XSmall Summer is nearly upon us….and so far June has played a few tricks     on us.  Like most people I’ve always loved summer – the light evenings, bbq-ing with friends and lying basking in the sun.  Since the launch of Breckland Orchard, the importance of weather has taken on a whole new dimension and  I have become a weather fiend! At this rate I could even become a weather bore [help!]. The long term weather forecast is my new best friend.

Soft drink sales are incredibly weather sensitive!  A little rise in temperature and sales go through the roof, as I am learning fast.  A dreary weekend and no one ventures out, and the cafes and attractions are much quieter – and so are sales. Its part of the roller-coaster and boy is it exciting! I’m genuinely loving the ups and downs.

I am really excited about this summer.  The experts at the Met are predicting a ‘warmer than average’ summer for us all. There are predicted to be several days at over 30 degrees [where were those last year??].  Rainfall is predicted to be ‘average or below’.  Now those Met experts usually err on the side of caution so I am expecting it to be warm, balmy and a real summer to remember [hopefully for the sales line too……].

Bring out those T-shirts, dust off the BBQ and get sipping outside in the garden. Here’s to a great Summer 2009!


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