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Soft drink options for Christmas 2012.........

by Claire Martinsen on Sat 22nd Dec 2012 01:09


OK…so I may be a bit soft-drink crazy, given that I loved soft drinks so much that I set up my own business doing just that[!]

Christmas time everyone’s attention seems to veer towards Alcoholic drinks and so please please don’t forget to get some great tasting soft drinks on your shopping list too this Christmas:

Here’s some personal hints and tips:

  • Make up a saucepan of non-alcoholic Mulled Punch for visiting non-drinkers
  • Buy in a special large bottle for children at Christmas Lunch…..[they will be delighted to know that you’ve thought of them as well as wine-drinking adults!]
  • Serve drinks in a Kilner jar…….the latest craze from the US and a simple way to make drinks look extra special! [see photo for inspiration!]
  • Try serving drinks with a ┬ápaper straw to add a bit of sparkle…..and add a few berries or citrus fruit into the glass to make it look magical
  • Buy in a selection of smaller bottles to give non-drinking guests a choice

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