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I love December..........Elves, Santa and Business Planning

by Claire Martinsen on Thu 06th Dec 2012 03:24

I love December and all that build up to Christmas.  My children have just turned 5 and 7, and are VERY excited about the whole thing.  The tree is up, decorations all through the house, letters to Father Christmas written……..this year we also have an ‘elf’ who has moved in with us [aka Elf on a Shelf] which is just adding to the general excitement around the place.  The house seems to change in December in mood not just appearance, which is just lovely!

And I really love December on the business side also.  Just like the house, December to me is a magic month at Breckland Orchard. Why?  It gives me an opportunity to think back over the year and also do the planning for next year. Kind of like putting your house in order before the next year begins…..


I just seem to race around at a million miles an hour for most of the year, so December always prove to be a bit of an opportunity to sit back and reflect on what’s gone well through the year, and what needs to change going into the next year.  I just go through a quick tick list of areas of the business such as operations, products, marketing, sales, suppliers etc.  Sometimes these periods of forced reflection can consolidate thoughts that go through my head -writing them down is a good basis for the plan for next year.


I’m a bit of a fusspot on this front – I need to have a plan, I need to have a financial target that I’m going for.   All those years of Mars training, mean I would feel rudderless if I didn’t have one!  I’m going to play around this year with a colourful version using a really graphic approach……….spin things around a little.  I have December to complete it……I have to start on January 1st with my plan in place [I’m a little sad like that!]


So there you have my December – a mix of elves, trees, stockings, excited children and moi in the middle getting the plan for Breckland Orchard next year pinned down and ready to go come January!

Happy December all!

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