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Being a Mum and a Small Business Owner...................

by Claire Martinsen on Mon 04th Feb 2013 14:22

Few hiccups in the Martinsen household this past week or so.  I’m a small business owner, a mum and this week have stepped up to my latest role – being Florence Nightingale. My seven-year-old had some day surgery last week at hospital under general anaesthetic…….he needed a day or so to get over it.  Luckily he was a model patient, Pip took charge of the office, and I managed to jiggle a few things around and get some work done too.

Today he’s been ill again – this time with a streaming cold and hacking cough. He wouldn’t be a welcome addition to the classroom today for sure, so once again Pip has been in charge, and I’ve been taking care of my [once again]  model patient.

Being a small business owner isn’t easy, and its hard just to take time out…….but at the same time I feel blessed that I can do the right thing and by working a little earlier in the morning and a little later at night everything can work out.  No boss breathing down my neck, just a mum doing the right thing and giving her son the big hugs and cuddles he needs.

And you know what they say – that being a small business owner is all about juggling roles!

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