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Loving the sound of Posh Cottage Pie.......

by Claire Martinsen on Mon 11th Feb 2013 02:14

Saw Mary Berry’s recipe for Posh Cottage Pie, which sounds rather divine.  Perfect for drinking with some Posh Pop!

I adore all things retro and vintage inspired……you can probably tell that from the Breckland Orchard flavours that we have[!]  From traditional-inspired Dandelion & Burdock, to the creamy notes of Cream Soda with a splash of Rhubarb…..all of which bring childhood memories flooding back.

Cottage Pie does that for me too – brings back lots of great memories of sitting round the table and having steaming hot cottage pie on the table ready to enjoy with family and friends.  The downside of being married to a Scandanavian like Mr Breckland is that he has no such nostalgic memories and tends to judge everything by their current culinary merits.  I’m slowly bringing him round to the joys of Cottage Pie and Shepherd’s Pie, from an initial standpoint of ‘boiled meat  with boiled potatoes’.

Hoping that Mary’s gourmet version will finally convert him to this great English dish. Will definitely cook it soon and try!

What am I going to drink along side?  I’m going to marry it with some Breckland Orchard Ginger Beer with Chilli, with a huge wedge of lime and some crushed ice……..Delicious!

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