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Half Term Lessons from the Mini-Martinsens......

by Claire Martinsen on Tue 19th Feb 2013 14:52

I’ve had the past 3 days as a ‘mini’ holiday, spending the second part of the half term break with the Mini-Martinsens.  Mr Breckland was away for a long weekend skiing in his native Norway, so it’s been just me and the mini’s for four whole days!  They’re at a magical age – SOOOO much fun to be around!  We mooched around a bit, went to the Roald Dahl museum [see photo above!], to the zoo, swimming, out for lunch…..and a thousand other things!

And the benefit of spending some ‘full on’ days with them, is that I feel refreshed, but also that I’ve learned loads. Here’s what I learned…..:

[1] Be clear, be direct

The mini’s pull no punches in terms of communication, they are beautifully clear and direct.  All that ‘fluffy’ and ‘waffley’ lingo that us Brits are famed for, must develop later in life.  Its actually quite refreshing…….and the benefit of being on the receiving end is that you know exactly how they are feeling and what they are thinking. And the learning I’m taking out, is to be equally as clear in my communications.

[2] Set Goals High

Little Miss-Mini is in Reception year at school, she started learning to read a matter of weeks ago.  She is SO determined to be read well, its quite touching to watch.  She practices at every opportunity, and is completely fearless when it comes to attempting to read texts that quite frankly think are too hard for her currently. Last night she set herself the goal of reading 4 books, that were just slightly too hard for her.  What’s more she blooming did it too!  I’ve set myself a pretty punchy plan for the year, and I’m inspired by little Miss-Breckland to go harder and exceed that plan.  If she can do it with books, then I shall do it with bottles!!

[3] Be Creative

We had a great day last Thursday at the Roald Dahl museum. Not only was Dahl a highly creative writer [which you rapidly re-learn when you read them as bedtime stories] but the whole museum is built around creativity.  The Mini’s did plenty of hands on film-making, dream creating, writing, making up Dahl-esque words, drawing, seeing how and where Dahl wrote and plenty more besides!  They even give all little people a little ‘ideas book’ when they go into the museum to write down all their ideas.  Dahl apparently jotted down all his ideas and made sure that they made it into his books in some format or another.  I’ve come away determined to become more creative – be that in a work or a home context.  And a Breckland Orchard ideas book is ready to be filled in!


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