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Cosying in at IFE 2013 at London's Excel

by Claire Martinsen on Wed 20th Mar 2013 03:42

This week Pip and I are at IFE at Excel.  It’s a bi-annual International Food Exhibition drawing exhibitors and visitors from across the world.  It’s MASSIVE – dwarfing every other trade show that we do through the year.  We’re in North Hall, where exhibitors are split by country.  Across the way there is an equally big South Hall, where exhibitors are split by product type.

Still another day to go……..we’ve done masses of sampling, talking, laughing.  Behind all exhibitions there’s a mix of hard work, long days but lots of moments of joy and a chance to catch up with fellow exhibitors.

We are next to Matthew Fort and Tom Parker-Bowles who are behind the Trotters Gourmet Pork Scratching range.  Both of whom have been absolutely delightful and generally contributed to the happy crew in our aisle.

Looking forward to getting  home ………just ‘breakdown’ to do first!



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