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Becky Betts tracks down Breckland Orchard on BBC Norfolk's Treasure Quest

by Claire Martinsen on Sun 22nd Nov 2009 17:28

BBc carWe were entrusted with a very special task this week by none other than the Questmaster of BBC Norfolk’s Treasure Quest – to be the ‘hider’ of the 3rd clue!  Treasure Quest is where the whole of Norfolk get behind David Clayton and roving treaure hunter Becky Betts on a Sunday morning to help solve 5 clues and hopefully find the treasure! The treasure is buried somewhere in Norfolk, but Becky [and driver Ian] don’t have a  map only David navigating from the studio and the listeners of course!

The Questmaster sets the clues for David and Becky to solve….and he is a pretty hard task master, I mean those guys really have to rack their brains and call on all the listeners across Norfolk to solve his cryptic clues.  Becky picked up the following clue in Little Ellingham this morning:

Not to the mill, but upon it instead

sounds like you’re buying agricultural land

but this land’s orchard holds the clue

Becky finding bottleAfter having some good input from the listeners, Becky and driver Ian arrived at the Farm Shop in Griston…..where the clue was hidden amongst the Breckland Orchard Cloudy Lemonade.  Becky was feeling a little de-hydrated, so was very happy to have some nice ice cold Lemonade to sip whilst opening the fourth clue and awaiting directions of where to head.

She was genuinely lovely – exactly how she comes across on the programme, and just as lively.  She managed to solve Clue 4 & 5  and found the treasure – well done! Sarah and Alan who own the shop only opened up two weeks ago, and they have already made it a real destination for fabulous meat [especially Game] and local goodies………thanks guys for being my cohorts in hiding the clue.  Questmaster – I hope we carried out your secret mission as requested…….my gosh your clue are HARD!


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