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Why Trade Shows also require a good HOME Plan!

by Claire Martinsen on Sat 13th Apr 2013 14:58

I am off to the NEC this weekend for the Farm and Deli Show – it runs Sunday to Tuesday.  I’m looking forward to meeting new and existing customers of course, and to showcasing Breckland Orchard and the fabulous range of boutique soft drinks that we have here……but it also means being away from home for several nights….and that involves careful planning over and above planning for Farm and Deli Show.

The mini-Martinsens need taking to school, collecting and taking to various clubs and commitments such as Beavers – all whilst I am away at the NEC.  I am completely blessed to have the kindest of family friends [aka Super-Dot] who is going to care for them in the evenings.  And my equally kind husband [aka Mr Breckland] is going to get them to school every day.  So there is a cunning plan in place for next week……all meticulously written down on the kitchen table [just in case Mr Breckland should forget….if you get my giste]

All of which means that this small business owner is going to be able to dedicate herself 100% to having a great Trade Exhibition, safe in the knowledge the mini’s are being very very well looked after in my absence.


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