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The Mother of all decisions

by Claire Martinsen on Thu 26th Nov 2009 11:59

claire, wilf and aliceI heard Gaby Hinsliff on Radio 5 the other night, talking about her change of direction. She was Political Editor at the Observer, but resigned to spend more time with her son.  She is now a freelancer, who gloriously describes herself as ‘manic working mother who finally had enough of having it all. Now trying to have a life instead’…check out her new Blog called ‘Used to be someone’ If you haven’t read it then check out this great article from the Observer a few weeks ago.

I know just how she feels – I too had a job I absolutely adored…….working for Mars [I mean what girl wouldn’t want to work surrounded by Galaxy, Minstrels and Maltesers all day].  I’d worked there for 12 years and had climbed the ladder to a senior position as Account Director.  The job was great, the company were fantastic, my colleagues were both inspirational and supportive.

claire apron smiling - smaller pixelsWhen my two little ones came along I was forced to reappraise…….what did I really want?  I had the commute from hell [literally] and was out of the house just after 5am, back late at night or away in hotels a couple of nights a week.  When I fast forwarded to what it was going to be like when they went to school, I just couldn’t bear the thought of being one of those mums who was never there.  From a career gal like me, it was a bit of a bolt from the blue.  The company car, the company salary, the company perks and benefits, not one of them could really compensate for the reality that I was going to be leaving my children to be brought up by someone else.  So I too resigned my postion [nearly a year to the day actually] and decided to do something else.

That something else is Breckland Orchard – making award winning artisan soft drinks from Norfolk.  I’m loving this even more……because not only do I get the rush of creating an exciting new company, but I also get the simple pleasures in life like walking my little son to pre-school…or to the optician to get his eyes tested….or to get the MMR jab without having to dash straight off to work. It’s those simple pleasures that are the greatest pleasures of all.

Good Luck Gaby – I am sure you have made the right decision


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