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Upping your creativity...............

by Claire Martinsen on Fri 10th Jan 2014 06:14

IMG_6088I was in the car for a few hours this week, and was completely frustrated at not being able to scribe down all my ideas.  The more miles I was driving and the longer I was in the car the more ideas were being formulated in my head.

One of my favourite blogs is the marvellously named ‘Upping Your Elvis’ [do check it out if you’ve not seen their blogs before]…..and my bout of ‘car-creativity’ proved their point about 23% of people generating their ideas on the move whilst travelling.

I remember many years ago speaking to a senior manager within the rail industry who said that if he needed a really productive day he just hopped on a train and got working – didn’t matter where he was heading, he knew that he would be able to power through the work.

And now I’ve generated a mass of creative ideas, I just need to get on and go them!

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