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Caffe Culture Show 2014

by Claire Martinsen on Thu 05th Jun 2014 06:28

Caffeculture show signageTeam Breckland decamped to London a few weeks back to have a stand at Caffe Culture Show.  Its a 2 day trade show aimed entirely at the coffee shop sector ….this year the organisers had given the show a different look and feel.  New colours, new signage, new fonts [I’m sad and notice these things], more artisan feel, more streetfood influence.

Trade Shows are evolving and there’s been a noticable shift to them also being educational and an opportunity to learn new things…..I think this makes for a more lively show and also means that visitors can access speakers/trainers that would normally mean yet more times out of the business.  So it ends up being a really effective use of time.

speakers at Caffe CultureThere were two speaker theatres at Caffe Culture this year – both of which were busy places!

Claire Martinsen at Caffe Culture show 2014Yours truly spoke on both days on ‘How to drive more soft drink sales’……soft drinks are often a bit overlooked in coffee shops in the drive to perfect the coffee offering…so hopefully I re-dressed the balance for cold drinks!  I had some lovely feedback so thanks to everyone who came and listened and hopefully you too away some good tips to implement!  Getting wired up with the ‘head’ speaker was interesting….I was asked if it was uncomfortable, yes I replied.  Good came the answer back, it’s meant to be like that!  I’m uber passionate about soft drinks, so hopefully was able to share that passion with the audience!

We got home after two days at Olympia with tired feet, having chatted to lots of existing and potential customers, made some new friends amongst the other standholders and having had a great show.

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