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Trade Shows......Thanks for listening x

by Claire Martinsen on Fri 06th Jun 2014 03:13

Caffeculture show signageI attend quite a few trade shows over the year……they are a big investment of both time and money, but generally they work well and I love meeting people face to face………..there’s some common bug-bears about Trade Shows that I’ve blogged about before.

Trade Shows on the continent I believe are different in so far as they charge a nominal entrance fee to attend the shows, and also ask for proof of identity.  When you’ve been doing the same Trade Shows for a number of years you get to know ‘the regulars’……they turn up on the last day every single year, with the hope of getting free samples/stock.  Over time you just give each other a knowing wink and let them move on to someone else’s stand.

SOOOO – it was HUGELY refreshing to see that Caffe Culture had introduced a pre-registration requirement this year to come to the show.  If you registered for a ticket ahead of the show it was entirely free.  However, if you turned up on the ‘door’ [so-to-speak] there was a £20 charge for the ticket.  The effect was that the visitors were noticeably more focussed – fewer ‘students on a day-out’, fewer ‘sellers’, fewer ‘sample-hunters’.

It was a brave move by the Caffe Culture organisers as there’s a double edged sword to admitting more people to the show – it swells the visitor numbers and the ‘stats’, but it can be disruptive to  the exhibitors. Hooray for the move by Caffe Culture – let’s hope the rest of the Trade Shows follow their example.

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