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Lessons from Michelle [and Silicon Valley]

by Claire Martinsen on Thu 13th Nov 2014 03:49

michelle wright
I read a blog post by Michelle Wright in the Huffington Post.  Michelle’s a friend as well as being a formidable business entrepreneur……talking about her week in Silicon Valley.  Take a read as its a real thought provoking piece, which probes the UK attitude to entrepreneurship.

I thought her point on hard work was completely appropriate.  I come across lots of would-be-entrepreneurs who think they are going to be ‘earning six figures within a year or so’.  Cue rolling eyeballs……..seriously!  Start-ups just aren’t like that unless you’ve got masses and masses of money behind you.  It’s just tonnes of work at the beginning for little reward.  Maybe that’s why most people stay in paid employment rather than opting for the financially insecure entrepreneurial route!

hope that I live the quality of reciprocity of help…..I have plenty of  phone calls from start-ups  and also regularly talk at start-up events.  It can be tough balancing lots of requests, but I’ve had the good luck to meet lots of helpful people along the way, so ‘paying-it-forward’ to others seems par for the course.

But what Michelle’s article did make me think and reflect on was:

[a] What’s the Breckland Orchard ‘culture’……….what is my ‘intentional’ culture? Hmmm need to think about that one hard!

[b] I’m going to start a FAIL DIARY……I do record every month  ‘what’s not gone well’ but maybe I shall rename it, or simply have a big fail of the month….


Wish me luck!

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