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Ginger Beer with Chilli brings some February cheer!

by Claire Martinsen on Mon 08th Feb 2010 17:42

Breckland Orchard Ginger Beer with ChilliOK – so the weather outside is miserable….it can’t decide whether it wants to snow or not, its near freezing and it looks like being a cold cold February. But hey-ho at least Winter is nearly over, March will hopefully bring some Springtime cheer and Summer 2010 looms near.

In the meantime Breckland Orchard Ginger Beer with Chilli is putting a cheer on everyone’s face….its the perfect tipple at the moment. Its not a blow-your-head-off-chilli more of a gentle-tickle-the-back-of-your-throat -chilli. I wouldn’t make a drink that folk couldn’t drink now would I!!

It’s certainly built up a strong little fan club since I launched just last year. It even won a Gold Taste Award from the Guild of Fine Food [I was like a proud mum!]. I put just a touch of Lemon and Orange in it, and I think that gives it an added refreshing quality. I’ve had such lovely feedback from people that it makes me glow – thank you!

Who are the loyalist consumers of Breckland Orchard Ginger with Chilli?…..by my reckoning none other than the inhabitants of Watton. Its a small market town with a population of 6,500, home to Breckland Orchard and consumers of lashings of Ginger Beer! Tomorrow I am rushing supplies to Jo at Babaco Cafe [who says the Watton Vets are big fans]. Jo has been a big supporter since Day 1, so belongs in a special group of customers. Then its up to the wonderfully beautiful and very friendly Broom Hall Hotel, in nearby Saham Tomey who have run out of Ginger Beer too! They have a regular guest who loves drinking Ginger Beer with Chilli when he stays over.

So to all Ginger Beer fans, and especially those in Watton – hope we are bringing you some February cheer  too- Cheers!



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Neil Smith
Mon 08th Feb 2010 20:59
Nice article Claire and is that NEW pack shots I see

Alex Parr
Sun 28th Feb 2010 07:58
This is definitely my favourite drink and strange coming from someone who doesn't particularly like Ginger Beer nor indeed likes Chilli, so you must be doing something right!! LOL

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