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When life is VERY busy ....I really need.........

by Claire Martinsen on Tue 09th Dec 2014 08:31

Breckland Orcard Bodum CupLife as a small business owner is relentlessly hectic…always more work to be done than hours in the day.  Things often zig and zag and never quite turn out how you expect!  And in all my rushing about I often don’t have time to drink my mug of coffee!  Cue a mug of cold coffee as an all too often sight at Breckland Orchard!

So my new essential tool is my Bodum Coffee Mug, which is quite happy when I get distracted and come back an hour or so later….still to some hot coffee!  Yipeee!   Sometimes its the tiny things that make a huge change.  And as far as I’m concerned no start-up should be without something similar!

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