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Getting a big apology......

by Claire Martinsen on Wed 28th Jan 2015 01:51

Breckland Orchard Posh PopThe server that hosts my Breckland Orchard website had masses of issues over the weekend….so it meant that my website kept doing down as a result.  Mr Breckland is a total computer geek, so has fitted a monitor which alerts when the website goes down and also when it comes back up – sending an email to my inbox each time.

But over the weekend my inbox was flooded with multiple emails alerting of the website going down and then a few minutes later coming back up again!  It wasn’t great, but I don’t have a business which depends on an e-commerce site, so it was more an annoyance than anything.


What was really nice was to get a proactive email from the web hosting company on Monday morning offering their apologies.

An edited version read like this:

You may or may not be aware that there was a server issue over the weekend with the centos5 Linux server, and we owe you, our customers, an apology, and we will most certainly work to ensure that we minimise the risks of any further issues.

But if you’d like to better understand this morning’s outage and what we’re already doing to prevent these kinds of issues in the future, I first need to explain a bit about how our system works.

[big long explanation in geek language [well for me anyway] about what exactly went wrong]

To all our customers who were affected this weekend, please accept my most sincere and humble apologies.

We understand how critical it is that we deliver maximum uptime to support your campaigns, and will increase our efforts to meet and exceed your availability expectations.

And when someone is that fast to apologise, and so upfront about what happened, why it happened and what they have put in place to fix it, then that goes a LONG LONG way to re-establishing trust.

Good job guys

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