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Recovering from Half Term.......

by Claire Martinsen on Fri 27th Feb 2015 03:59

Breckland Orchard 2Juggling a small business and small children is always interesting[!] Last week was half term, so my multi-tasking skills were super-tested.

It’s a really busy time here at Breckland Orchard as we working on some exciting new things that we’ll be able to share in a few weeks time……..so there was some added complexity going on.  Hey-ho…..such is life!

What I was really surprised about was how many events for ‘women in business’ had beens scheduled during half term.  Really?  You’d have thought that some pre-thought could have avoided that…….I had to miss something important, but it just wasn’t possible to divide myself into many pieces during Half Term week!  I can try to be super-woman, but that was a step too far……..

Anyway….I survived, Breckland Orchard survived, the new things continued to be worked on…..and most importantly the Mini-Martinsens survived and enjoyed their half term week,


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