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The secret to keeping your feet on the ground.....

by Claire Martinsen on Mon 02nd Mar 2015 03:16

Breckland Orchard Country Living Fair

I’m due to speak at the Country Living Fair in a few weeks time……and when I was in WHSmiths with my son last week I had him look at the latest Country Living Magazine. Yeap – there in print he ‘stumbled’ upon  his mother’s name…

Breckland Orchard Country Living Fair[OK….so my name was mis-spelt……it often is….having a Scandanavian surname like Martinsen just invites the Brits to anglicise it!]

Breckland Orchard Country Living Fair 2015But back to last week……was Master Martinsen even remotely impressed?  A  complete, utter and resounding N-O……

So you see….. I was, am, and always will be firmly rooted with my feet on the ground……..the Mini-Martinsens keep me that way!

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