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Starting them young.....

by Claire Martinsen on Mon 11th May 2015 03:33

Mini Martinsen ElyEly Food Festival last weekend was literally just up the road, so the Mini’s were keen to come with me…..so it ended up being a real family affair as both Mini Martinsens came along to ‘help’.  I say ‘help’ because they certainly enjoyed all the goodies on offer at the show – copious ice creams, delicious Indian flatbreads [boy Martinsen adored them…], rocky road fudge etc!  They spent all their money along the way for sure…..

Mini Martinsen Ely 2

I set up Breckland Orchard when they boy Martinsen was just two, and Little Miss Martinsen was 10 months old….so they’ve never known me do anything different.Breckland Orchard is 100% family owned and it was important that the Mini’s get to see what ‘Mummy’ does on a day to day basis.
ely 7So although it was a joy to have them with me for one day, not sure either  or they could afford it on a long term basis….they’d be spending more than they were earning.  Lots of time to teach them all about business!

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