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Finally...some lovely drinks for Diabetics

by Claire Martinsen on Tue 11th Aug 2015 02:38

Breckalnd lifestyle57I’ve always tried to make my drinks as natural as I possibly can, and that means using sugar to sweeten them…but lots of people have asked along the years if they are suitable for diabetics, which my range of Posh Pop aren’t…….but cue Posh Pop Lighter!

The Posh Pop Lighter range is sweetened with sucralose and aceulfame K, which makes them diabetic friendly as well as ultra-low in calories.

Posh Pop Lighter Breckland OrchardIn fact the Elderflower is completely zero calorie per bottle……..[!]   The Ginger Beer with Chilli is only 3 calories per bottle, and the Cloudy Lemonade 5 calories.

Someone the other day was just so SUPER excited that her Dad could actually get to taste an Elderflower Presse for the first time, as he had never tasted one before.  Despite being sugar free and zero calorie it does taste pretty special, so I was just thrilled.

If you’d like to enjoy the range then do keep your eyes peeled in farm shops and delis as well as coffee shops, or via our BigBarn site where the whole range is listed.

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