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New Label Regulations

by Claire Martinsen on Thu 13th Aug 2015 02:46

Breckland Orchard Elderflower Posh PopI shared last week that EU law required the flagging of 14 allergens [including nuts, lupin and celery]…a further piece of EU law comes into effect in 2016 requiring all packaged foods to have full nutritional labelling on it too.

In fact I’ve always been ahead of the curve on this one, and Breckland Orchard drinks have had the nutritional information on them for the past 2 years…….but the legislation coming into effect on 13th December 2016 puts further requirements on this including the way that information is laid out, and what information is and isn’t included.

For example the information must be laid out in a table format, and the information given in a particular order [energy, fat, saturates, carbohydrate, sugars, protein and salt].  I’ve needed to include salt on my list of ingredients, only to flag that there isn’t any in the drinks….

The way calorie information is laid out is also covered in the regulations…….and labels need to be in a particular font size depending on the area size of the actual label.  For a very brief overview of what’s covered have a read here.  I’ve been living with these reg’s over the past few months and am sorry to say that I’ve become a little bit of a super-geek……[ask any of my friends!!]

If this all sounds like a potential mine-field then it’s because it probably is…….I’ve gone through the pain barrier over the past few months of changing my labels  to make them fully compliant to the 2016 legislation.

I’ve been helped enormously by the team at Cambridgeshire Trading Standards who’ve been an amazing help and resource…..in fact the ability to navigate such complex legislation would be near enough impossible for a small business without the help of a body such as Trading Standards.    It’s an example of where slight legislative change can cause a huge amount of  work to  a business like mine.

HOWEVER pleased to say that the labels are now fully changed across the range [yeap all 16 of them], and having that done and completed has enabled a whole lot of sanity to return!

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May Showumi
Sun 12th Feb 2017 10:41
I get how you must have felt about the new regulations.When I heard about them, i became a bit stressed myself.Its good that you managed to sort that out.

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