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Making Lemonade and then lessons from wise [and witty] Euan Semple

by Claire Martinsen on Wed 24th Feb 2010 15:36

bottlesAh well the life of an artisan soft drink maker is never boring that’s for sure!  Yesterday was a big making day….some fabulous Lemonade in the morning and then on to making a batch of our newest flavour in the afternoon [more of that in another post].  I love making soft drinks – its hard work, but really rewarding seeing the finished bottles in their boxes at the end. Its why I started Breckland Orchard in the first place to have the pleasure of making soft drinks – with a little of my passion in every single bottle.

I came home at the end of the day feeling absolutely drained…you know one of those days where you want to sink into a sofa and do nothing.  But yesterday was also the monthly meeting of West Suffolk WIRE, run by the wonderful Alex Parr.  So I was barely home before setting off again for Ravenswood Hall in Bury St Edmunds for the meeting.  WIRE stands for Women in Rural Enterprise, and West Suffolk Group is a really dynamic group.

euan sempleThe speaker yesterday was Euan Semple, ex-Director of Knowledge Management at the BBC.  He now runs his own business, advising businesses on how to use the Web to best advantage in their business.  Euan is also a seasoned blogger [he’s been blogging for 9 years], a verteran Twitterer [3 years] and was there on LinkedIn two days after it was launched. So yes, he walks the talk as well. He had travelled up from London to very bravely face a room full of women!

He was absolutely wonderful – spikey, full of knowledge,  inspirational, opinionated, witty.  I think everyone left the room determined to go back and review their on-line activity, motivated to go try something different oh yes and we laughed a lot too!

My favourite ‘euan-isms’ of the night

  • For most businesses its the ‘social’ in social media thats the problem –  its just not business
  • Any business which thinks social media isn’t worth the investment should consider the ROI of people starring at computer screens all day which just gets in the way of talking to eachother
  • Twitter is like walking into an office and have people recognise you and ask how you are [Euan’s wife’s opinion…and I think she hit it right on the nail]
  • Is an annoying person on Twitter is a Twanker?

I rolled home having met some great folk and having heard a fab speaker.  Funny how that combination can energise you no matter how tired you felt before!

Thanks Euan


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Euan Semple
Wed 24th Feb 2010 15:32
Gosh - thanks for the kind comments!

Helen Coppen
Wed 24th Feb 2010 16:23
Claire great blog -I really enjoyed Euan as a speaker too and came away motivated to do more re social networking. I agree people in big offices become very lazy and wont get up and talk any more - they email and dont chat not even over coffee- some are unable to say hello. What I like about twitter is its your choice to dip in and out- people don't get the hump if you don't partake and the nicest thing (well in my follwers) everyone is so polite and courteous.

Wed 24th Feb 2010 17:52
My pleasure - we all really enjoyed last night. Very thought provoking speech - sorry you had to compete with Lionel Ritchie [but I think you won out!] All the Best

Wed 24th Feb 2010 17:59
Totally agree Helen..the power of Social Media is best understood by SME's - the online community becomes a virtual part of the business. Catch up soon Claire

Wendy Butcher
Thu 25th Feb 2010 13:00
Very interesting. Heard about your business from The Fox at Bury St. Edmunds at Tourist Board Roadshow. The WIRE sounds excellent. Could do with some help on all media topics.

Claire Martinsen
Sun 28th Feb 2010 06:21
Hi Wendy.....thank you for you comments! Yes, the Fox Inn in Bury St Edmunds have been great supporters - Ron and Sheila saw the product the very day we launched. Ginger Beer with Chilli and the Cranberry & Rosehip are firm Fox favourites! Why don't you get in touch with Alex Parr who runs WIRE West Suffolk? https://www.wireuk.org/suffolk-network.html - we would love to see you at a future meeting! All the Best

Selina Noton
Sun 28th Feb 2010 11:04
Hi Claire, I totally agree that Euan was a great speaker. As well as your 'take-aways' the one thing that hit home with me was how easy it is to communicate today. There's no excuse for not being able to talk to your customers, or hear what they are saying about you and your business. In particular, if we complain about a product or service, there is no excuse for the provider to ignore our comments. With this is mind, it's easier than ever to gauge who are the leaders when it comes to good customer service. The down side of this means that we also have to be on the ball if a someone complains about us!!

Claire Martinsen
Sun 28th Feb 2010 15:32
Completely agree Selina........bizarrely it seems to be SME's that have been quickest to embrace Social Media. I converse with many of my outlets via Twitter and its great to get instant feedback.

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