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Shortlisted for Family Business of the Year Award 2016

by Claire Martinsen on Wed 13th Jan 2016 12:56

Family Business Award 2016Oh my…to say we are just a little bit excited is an understatement…We’ve been shortlisted for the East/East Anglia Family Business of the Year Award….Whoop!

The awards pull together a vibrant bunch of family owned companies – some very well established, some newer…above all they look for companies that are both family owned and have great values at the heart of the business.  At Breckland Orchard we are first generation family owned company, but we have family values throughout our DNA and are proud of what we stand for.  Back in August I shared those values on this blog when I wrote about ‘What we are, and what we’re not’.

We are blooming proud to be a family business because that means that we are independent, and able to do exactly what we want to do without having to dance to the tune of others.  And more importantly it means we can always  do the right thing….to make great products, to not compromise quality, to look after our customers well.

And its lovely [and I mean really lovely] that we’ve been recognised for what we do every single day.

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Julia Bickerstaff (@juliabickerstaf)
Wed 13th Jan 2016 14:09
YAY! Well done Claire! This is BRILLIANT! Hope you win it - you totally deserve it xx

Claire Martinsen
Wed 13th Jan 2016 15:47
Awww - thank you Julia! Claire

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