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Posh Pop Lighter....our Zero Sugar range.....

by Claire Martinsen on Wed 03rd Aug 2016 01:08

No Added Sugar rangeOur Posh Pop Lighter range was launched last year, and has become a bit of  star in our range.  I took 3 of our Posh Pop flavours and replaced the sugar with sweeteners……apart from that they are exactly the same recipe.

It means that they are ultra low calorie too….the Elderflower is completely calorie free [yeap – zero calories], the Ginger Beer with Chilli has 3 calories per bottle and the Cloudy Lemonade has 5 calories per bottle.

The nicest of feedback came from a chef who stocks the drinks in his gastro-pub and he told us they were the best tasting thing he’d ever tried.  Coming from a respected chef who works daily blending and mixing great tastes and flavours I was just delighted to hear that.

Keep your eyes peeled for them!

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