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My rather fine Cream Soda with Rhubarb

by Claire Martinsen on Tue 23rd Aug 2016 01:33

IMG_20160527_074313Cream Soda joined the Breckland Orchard line up in Spring 2012…..a celebratory year in terms of the Golden Jubilee and the London Olympics, so it seemed a great time to bring out a British classic soft drink. It’s been a firm favourite ever since.

Cream Soda’s have a vanilla-y taste traditionally, and I only ever use a very high quality vanilla in the recipe, which immediately gives it a very ‘clean’ taste.  I then gave it a top note of rhubarb, just to give it a little sharpness in the palette. It still keeps a lovely sweet and rounded taste, but with a little twist of difference.

At Head Office we deliberated about the wording, and how to best describe the rhubarb taste. Should it be ‘hint of rhubarb’ or ‘dash of rhubarb’ or just plain ‘with rhubarb’….but in the end ‘splash of rhubarb’ felt the most natural and obvious thing to put on the label.  Its often like that in a small business like mine – if it feels the right thing, then it probably IS the best thing.

When we go to consumer events Cream Soda always raises a smile – its a sure fire way of bringing back childhood memories and a smile.  It’s a beautiful drink, and I’m very proud of it!


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