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Getting ready for Speciality Fine Food 2016

by Claire Martinsen on Sat 03rd Sep 2016 03:50

I’m getting ready this morning to head down to Olympia and set up for the Speciality Fine Food Fair 2016.  It’s probably the biggest trade show for the speciality food sector in the UK, and attracts visitors from across the UK as well as abroad.  It takes place from Sunday to Tuesday and is a trade only event.

There are always lots of fabulous food producers exhibiting and many of them have become friends, so the whole event ends up being partly social and catching up with everyone.  It makes for a busy but enjoyable couple of days.

The timing of the Speciality is always slightly problematic….its unfailingly clashes with back to school.  I’ve jiggled around arrangements over the years… and have sometimes commuted down from Cambridgeshire daily, just to ensure I am able to come back and see the family at the end of the day….but it extends a long day to a ridiculously long day.  This year I’ve decided to rent an Air BnB room near to Olympia which should make it more restful!  I’ve spent the past week making sure everything is ready for the first few days of school, Ma Breckland my mum is coming up to help ferry them back and forth….That way I’ll be able to concentrate on the show [Phew]

This year is my 8th year there……….which is a little hard to believe[!].  Back in 2009 I had no idea of what to expect or what really to bring with me.  I remember that first year taking far too many bottles with me.  I guess its like everything, the more times you do something the more you learn……so today I’ve got a list of what I need to take which makes things much much easier!  It’s just the traffic situation down to Olympia thats always a bit hard to judge, and I’ve got a 2.30pm slot to unload so I can’t miss that!

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