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Small Business Saturday 2016

by Claire Martinsen on Mon 05th Dec 2016 10:04

img_20161203_175140Saturday was the 4th year of UK ‘Small Business Saturday’…..which is designed to raise the profile of small businesses across the UK.  It’s a little known fact that small businesses in the UK account for 60% of private sector jobs, and 50% of private sector turnover…….yet we seem to have little if any recognition in terms of news and media coverage.  The CEO’s of major FTSE companies seem to get wheeled out to comment on government strategy/Brexit etc [Grrrrrr….]

SO…its refreshing to have a day a year where the spotlight is firmly on small business and all that they bring to the UK economy!  Sometimes we can be our own worst enemy….just quietly getting on with things and playing our part in the community without standing on the rooftops and shouting about it.

Breckland Orchard is an independent family business, with real people working to share our love of great soft drinks.  We’re proudly British…… and work with other family businesses to keep a good virtuous circle. We create jobs in the local economy….and do you know what….that feels a good place to be.

So thank you to all our customers for their fabulous support, and here’s to many more Small Business Saturdays to come.

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