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Why small business owners feel less stressed......

by Claire Martinsen on Tue 13th Dec 2016 01:04

passion-simon-sinek-quoteI’m not a huge one for posting quotes [although I know its all the rage for social media at the moment], but I saw this quote and thought it summed up life as small business owner perfectly. Things don’t always go to plan, there’s often emergencies to sort out, and times where ‘all hands on deck’ are required. ┬áBut unlike corporate life, where these situations are stressful …there’s a glorious simplicity about the fact that me and my team just get on with it and manage to get things organised with the minimal of fuss.

We all love what we do here at Breckland Orchard and we have a shared passion to do the right thing and to make our customers lives as easy as we possibly can…..because we are all gloriously proud of the range of drinks we produce here at Breckland Orchard.

So definitely true that tonnes of passion will always outdo stress.

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